Our School Show 2016

Our School Show

On Saturday, March 5th, we had our first school show! As part of the show, we had an English Play, Talent Show and Musical Ensemble. It was the first time to do a play in English for many of our students, but everyone practiced very hard and enjoyed the final performance.

The title of the play was "The Greedy, Greedy Bear". It's about a bear called Boren who becomes dissatisfied with his life in the forest after having an argument with his friends for eating honey that they found together. He decides to move to the big city. There, his greed takes over as he tries different kinds of food and goes shopping for the first time. After eating and buying too much, Boren passes out. His friends find him unconscious and bring him back to the forest to nurse him. When Boren awakes, he realizes that he had been too greedy and decides to give everything he bought to his friends. The Greedy, Greedy Bear is a tale of greed, adventure, discovery and above all friendship.

As part of the play, we learnt to work together, sing many songs and also used some American Sign Language. We are looking forward to next year's school show!

Here are some photos and a short snippet of the play.