Collaborative Art

The Art of Collaboration

Collaborative learning involves working in a group to solve a problem, complete a task, or create a product. In 2015, our 1st Graders created a heart after learning about warm and cool colors.

2A, 2B's Flower Collaboration

This year, after studying about color harmony, analogous colors and Eric Carle's style of art, our 2nd Graders worked together to create a flower that represented their respective classes. While the end results the students' hard work were two beautifully unique flowers, the true heart of the project was the process in which the pieces were created.

1st Grader's Mondrian Boxes

In the 2nd term, our 1st Graders learned about different kinds of lines and colors. After studying about Van Gogh and how he creates movement in his art using lines, we learned about Piet Mondrian's style of art. Our students then worked together in groups to create boxes decorated based on Mondrian's technique.