After the sports tests finished, the 3rd graders reviewed the basics of the vault box once again.
We reviewed the run-up, take-off, and landing for the Leap Frog jump, and many students challenged to do the Tuck Jump and Forward Roll for the first time on a vault box. They could practice at their own pace and challenged the level which was best for them. In between, they also began swimming lessons again at Anzen Swimming School. It was an active month!

After finishing the Unit 1 test, we could begin Unit 2. The Unit is about weekly schedules and more.
The students reviewed days of the week and adverbs of frequency (such as always and never), and we became more comfortable asking questions using “How often?” and “Do you ever?” just in time for the arrival of our Broadbeach buddies! We really enjoyed their company in English class and more. Thanks for coming!