【5年生】Adopt-A-Dog Poster

As part of our extension activity in our 5th Grade English Class, we explored the theme of pets’ well-being in the anchor text “Dogs” written by Jennifer Blizin Gillis. Our students engaged in a collaborative project aimed at creating Adopt A Dog posters with a meaningful purpose.

To ensure the posters had a real impact, we conducted research and identified local Animal Shelters as the recipients of our posters. By choosing these shelters, we hoped to support their cause and increase the chances of finding loving homes for the dogs in their care.

The students worked together diligently to design and create the posters. Each poster was crafted with care and creativity, conveying important messages about responsible pet ownership, and the love and care dogs deserve.

We are delighted to announce that the completed posters will be sent to the respective animal shelters for their perusal. It is a proud moment for our students, as their collective efforts have produced a meaningful output that can positively impact society. By raising awareness about the importance of adopting shelter dogs, we hope to inspire others to consider giving a loving home to these deserving animals.

We commend our students for their dedication and commitment to this project, and we are grateful to Jennifer Blizin Gillis for inspiring our discussions on the well-being of pets through her book “Dogs.” Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these animals and promote a more compassionate society.